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bloomUp is a global consultancy agency leader in sustainability, innovation and active lifestyle.

Our mission

Our mission is to support organisations in creating a more sustainable, healthy, and thriving society. We aspire to be architects of a better tomorrow, design better solutions for companies, people, and ecosystems, empower young talents into action, and innovate in ways that make business sense.
  • Developed and implemented the EPCR sustainability strategy.
  • Introduced carbon management and budgeting for HQ travel using the bloomUp Sustainability Dashboard.
  • Provided media training on sustainability to executives and commercial team.
  • Conducted EcoVadis assessment to meet supplier’s CSRD requirements
  • Created a Reporting Framework for World Series events worldwide.
  • Identified specific initiatives and actions to ensure the implementation of a sustainability strategy for UTMB, positioning UTMB as a regenerative event.
  • Developed a commercial strategy.
  • Lead the creation of the initial Racebird lifecycle assessment (LCA).
  • Identified key sustainability impact areas.
  • Set-up a process for ongoing data collection with suppliers, providing templates from Marine360 software.
  • Developed the ISU Sustainability Strategy.
  • Developed a Carbon Reduction Plan with a reduction objective and operational action plan.
  • Drafted content on sustainability for ISU website.
  • Researched and analysed risks for golf in relation to sustainability.
  • Drafted IGF’s Sustainability Strategy.
  • Conducted carbon footprint of IGF Headquarters.
  • Provided introduction training to Royal Belgian Football Association’s (RBFA) staff.
  • Guided them in piloting the new UEFA ESG Management system.
  • Created a template for environmental and social assessment of future events.
  • Implementation of a sustainability operational plan aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Supported the calculation and reduction of the event carbon footprint.
  • Introduced initiatives to promote diversity, gender equality as well as the inclusion of people with reduced mental or physical abilities. 
  • Calculated an ex-ante carbon footprint including the setting of carbon reduction targets.
  • Operational action plan to reduce estimated carbon emissions with 30%.
  • Implementation of ISO 202121 management system including internal audit and certification process.
  • Communication and engagement of stakeholders.
  • Sustainability strategy for the arrival of the Tour in Lausanne including execution of operational plan.
  • Implementation of the KITmanif / ASO actions according to Lausanne Sports Department and stakeholders.
  • Strategic sustainability support across the three pillars: environmental, social and economic.
  • Developed and implemented action plan on Environment & Circularity, Responsibility & Legacy, Economy & Innovation.
  • Measured impact through surveying event participants.
  • Introduced programme to engage people with disabilities at the event.
  • Consolidated and developed a sustainability strategy aligned with the commune’s needs and values and the Valais Agenda 2030.
  • Identified sustainability strengths and areas for improvement (in collaboration with committees and the Communal Council).
  • Enhanced the local economy and the well-being of all stakeholders.
  • Centralised decisions on sustainability and improved internal communication.
  • Piloted an innovative modular social and urban regeneration project.
  • Combined sport, culture and art to offer movement and physical activities in an effort to fight sedentary lifestyle and social isolation.
  • Conducted a consultation with municipal departments and citizens.
  • Re-designed an entire public park with a focus on inclusive physical activity and leisure.
  •  Developed the “Carrefour du Mouvement” brand identity.
  • Empowered local youth, players and coaches to take ownership of the project.
  • Facilitated a stakeholder engagement workshop on sustainability.
  • Assessed the organisation’s level of sustainability maturity.
  • Developed the sustainability action and communication plan.
  • Assessed the organisation’s level of sustainability maturity.
  • Proposed a new regenerative business model.
  • Conducted a workshop with the company’s leadership.
  • Facilitated three workshops with industry players to identify needs, opportunities, challenges and synergies.
  • Defined the positioning and thematic focus of a new hub/destination for sport & active lifestyle.
  • Developed an initial narrative and brand identity/name and initiated the commercial prospecting.
  • Created a variety of online training modules on sustainability.
  • Development of educational material on sustainability and sponsorship.
  • Creation of video material for FC Barcelona Innovation Hub.
  • Taught sport management students on sustainability, healthy lifestyle and purpse-driven business models.
  • Participated in evaluation juries to assess student projects.
  • Mentoring individual students.
  • Created a quality label system for sport for good organisations (governance, social and environmental impact).
  • Provided engaging educational resources for quality management to small and mid-size sports organisations.

Our solutions

Question the given, explore new territories

• Disruptive / Design Thinking workshops
• Materiality assessment and industry benchmarking
• Diagnostic and explorative stakeholder analysis
• B Corp Impact assessment

Unleash the best in every partner/client

• Sustainability maturity scan
• Carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment
• Sustainability strategy development
• Sponsor and partnership programmes

Connect the dots and make it happen

• Secondment, operational support
• Community/stakeholder engagement
• International standards/Certification (ISO, B Corp, GRI)
• Training, innovation and education

Equip to maximise impact

• Communications and partnership planning
• Youth / Athlete ambassador programmes
• Creative content production
• Legacy and impact planning


Our impact



Operational experience in more than 30 countries around the world



Books and other publications on Olympic Games, sustainability, and legacy



Winner of 11 awards on sustainability, innovation, social impact and governance


olympic games

Operational experience at all 15 Olympic Games since 2000



Participated in 4 different Olympic Games


pro-bono work​

20% pro-bono work with associations and young change-makers



Number of people influenced in Switzerland in 2022

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