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bloomUp is about changing direction, making a new start with a unique vision and an innovative systemic approach to integrate positive change in your organisation.

Driven by purpose, passion and innovation, we work with glocal organisations to (re)generate positive impact. With our 361 degree approach, we challenge the status quo to design unique pathways towards change, focusing on people, planet and prosperity.

Our solutions

Question the given, explore new territories

• Disruptive / Design Thinking workshops
• Materiality assessment and industry benchmarking
• Diagnostic and explorative stakeholder analysis
• B Corp Impact assessment


B Corp Impact Assessment

Assess your starting point

Sustainability Maturity Scan

Take a picture of your strengths and weaknesses

Thriving Organisation Portrait

Deep dive into understanding the purpose of your organisation

Benchmark study

Compare with other organisations to decide about next steps

Unleash the best in every partner/client

• Sustainability maturity scan
• Carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment
• Sustainability strategy development
• Sponsor and partnership programmes


Materiality Matrix

Define what matters most and what does not…

Stakeholder engagement workshop

Ensure stakeholder input and maximise their level of involvement

Strategy Development

Decide on the big picture before diving into the details

Connect the dots and make it happen

• Secondment, operational support
• Community/stakeholder engagement
• International standards/Certification (ISO, B Corp, GRI)
• Training, innovation and education


Carbon & Plastic footprint calculation

Define what matters most and what does not…

Operational support / Secondment

Roll up your sleeves and implement improvements

Partnership / Sponsorship development

Identify and secure partnerships with a purpose

Equip to maximise impact

• Communications and partnership planning
• Youth / Athlete ambassador programme
• Creative content production
• Legacy and impact planning


Content creation

Communicate about sustainability in a credible and engaging manner

Media & Sustainability training

Equip spokespeople to talk publicly about sustainability

Campaign development & delivery

Raise awareness and funding for sustainability

The bloomUp Data Compass

The Bloomup Data Compass

moral compass inspired by our common responsibility to people, planet and shared prosperity.

decision-making compass based on data, science and best practices and benchmarks from various sectors.